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Wheezal Homepathy Renal Forte Drops 30ml

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Details of This Product

Wheezal Renal Forte Drop helps in maintaining blood urea, serum creatinine levels, hypotension, weakness, fatigue, kidney disorders, urinary disorder and renal colic.

Key Ingredients:

  • Urea Pura 3x
  • Eel Serum 6x
  • SolidagoVirg. 3x
  • Ichthyolum 3x
  • Pilocarpus Micro 3x
  • Alcoholic Content

Key Benefits:

  • Maintain blood urea and serum creatinine level
  • Effective for hypotension, weakness and fatigue
  • Treat kidney disorders, provide relief from pain in region of kidneys with dysuria
  • Cure urinary disorder, thin and low specific gravity urine
  • Provides relief from burning pain in meatus
  • Prevents uric acid deposits

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