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The Indie Earth Good Bye Tanning Face Cream with SPF50 Prevent Dark Spots 50 gm

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  • SPECIALLY FORMULATED LIGHT, NON-STICKY YET POWERFUL: The Indie Earth Goodbye Tanning Cream is an exceptionally rich yet light and Non-Sticky textured face cream that incorporates a combination of precious herbs, Kumkumadi Tailam & Glutathione which helps to reduces tan, gives even skin tone. Highly recommended for teens, men and women before going outdoor.
  • Kumkumadi Tailam and Haldi (Turmeric) present in its formulation is recommended in Ayurvedic textbooks for improvement of skin tone and radiance. Saffron is known for its anti-oxidant properties and is believed to add skin glow. Having Powerful active natural ingredients like Saffron, Sandalwood Oil, Liquorice, Orange Peel, Manjishtha & Chironji Seed in this non-sticky face cream may also help in brighter skin looks.
  • POTENT GLUTATHIONE & SAFFRON: Glutathione and Saffron helps to improve skin texture.
  • Usage Instructions(AM/PM): 1. Apply Liberally twice a day for freshly cleansed skin, start from the decollete, neck & work your way up to the face & forehead. 2. Massage in an upward motion until the cream gets completely absorbed into the skin.
  • GREAT PRODUCT & GREAT RESULTS – The Indie Earth is a highly client-oriented brand. Our main GOAL is to provide you with the highest results, one way or another. At The Indie Earth, we have developed the best light and gentle Tanning Control Face Cream for all skin type. Its potent formula is based on natural ingredients, It’s a CRUELTY FREE, NON-GMO, NON-GLUTEN & PARABEN and

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