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Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub 25GM

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Details of This Product

Kumkumadi Brightening Face Scrub is a natural exfoliator especially formulated with pure Ayurvedic Kumkumadi Oil. This beauty fluid is made with 12 precious traditionally known ingredients to help even skin tone and reinforce the skin's natural elasticity.


clinically tested * to:
● Visibly smoothens skin by 34%*
● Reduces pore size & Firms Skin by 24%*
● 97% of the panel showed improved skin smoothening*
● 85% of the panel had significantly brighter skin*

*Based on clinical trials conducted over 28 days

Our Ayurveda inspired formula is blended with the finest Saffron from Kashmir to help brighten and moisturise skin naturally. Ground Walnut Powder acts as a gentle exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and excess oil. Finely ground Sweet Almonds - rich in Vitamins E & D - nourish and nurture skin while lifting away pollutants and impurities.

benefits :
1. 99.5% Natural
2. Visibly smoothens skin by 34%*
3. Reduces pore size & firms skin by 24%*
4. Brightens complexion
5. Minimises fine lines and signs of ageing
6. Moisturizes and smoothes skin

*Based on clinical trials conducted over 28 days

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