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Gillette Fusion Shaving Blades- Pack of 10 (Cartridges)

Gillette Fusion Shaving Blades- Pack of 10 (Cartridges)

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  • 5 blades spaced closer together for an incredibly close & comfortable shave
  • Enhanced Lubrastrip releases water-soluble lubricants on your skin post-stroke for the smoothest glide. It fades to white to indicate need to change blades
  • 10 microfins skin guard to stretch & hold your skin before the stroke like a barber
  • Precision trimmer (back blade) to own your style. Get perfect beard lines, and get barber-like precision at home.
  • Fits Fusion, Power, Proglide, Skinguard & Sport razors
  • This product has an authenticity hologram. Scan the QR code to verify.

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