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Forest Herbs 100% Natural Organic Shikakai Powder- 100 Grams

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SHIKAKAI POWDER Adds shine and softness, Fights dandruff, Gives you stronger, thicker hair, Prevents a dry scalp, Delays grey hair, Removes hair lice, Heals minor wounds, Soothes your head, Gently detangles hair. How To Make Shikakai Hair Packs: Shikakai powder with reetha,amla,methi,neem powder as a Hair Wash: 1. Shikakai powder with yogurt Hair Pack for Dry Hair ·2. Shikakai powder with methi powder Hair Pack for Oily Hair 3. Shikakai powder with neem powder, methi powder and amla powder Hair Pack for Dandruff ·4. Boil Shikakai powder with coconut oil for Split ends and hair growth 5. Shikakai powder , reetha powder and amla powder for Glossy Hair Pack

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