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Kama Ayurveda Even-tone Skincare Combo

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Details of This Product

Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub: A luxuriant face exfoliator that combines the potent Ayurvedic Kumkumadi oil with almonds (natural exfoliator), sweet flag (stops inflammation) and saffron (brightens skin). Clinically proven to smoothen, brighten & firm skin. Use it twice a week to remove impurities and dead skin cells.
Pure Rosewater: Made from the fabled Kannauj Rose, this 100% steam-distilled rosewater is also preservative-free. An incredible facial toner and natural astringent, balances, and restores skin’s pH level and helps tighten pores. Its light cleansing and clarifying action help remove impurities and hydrates skin too. Use this daily to hydrate & tone your skin./br>  Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser: A 100% natural facewash that effectively cleans skin, leaving your skin soft and supple. With Aloe Vera and Vetiver, it is also infused with pure Rose & Jasmine essential oils that hydrates & protects your skin. Use daily./br> 

benefits: -
• Authentic, Ayurvedic Products
• Gentle & Effectives
• Hydrates & Tones Skin
• Nourishes & Hydrates skin
• Brightens skin
• Reduces dark spots

box contains: -
• Kumkumadi brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub- 25 g
• Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser- 50 ml
• Rose Water Sample- 8 ml

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