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Tips For Taking Care Of Jewelry

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Every jewelry in our jewelry box needs some type of care and attention. But, most of us often tend to ignore this fact. This reduces the life of jewelry and we end up trashing it.  But with simple steps one can easily maintain and increase the life of jewelry and make the wise usage of it for a longer span of time. The steps are mentioned below:

1)Have a brief look on your jewelry timely:

We often do not realize that our jewelry needs attention, it has been advised to have a brief look on it from time to time so brief changes can be noted on it and due care can be taken before the jewelry gets tarnished. We believe that jewelry should be checked quarterly in a year.

2)Keep the jewelry away from extreme light, heat and chemicals:

Extreme heat and light can have same affect of jewelry like it has on us. Such exposure can fade or damage the gemstones. Heat also can take away moisture from the gemstones which can lead to cracks and discoloration. It has also been noted that chemicals present in lotions, hairsprays, perfumes and other cosmetics have led to extensive damage to the jewelry. Do take off all the jewelry before bathing, getting into the kitchen and application of make-up. Store the jewelry in cool and dry place and cover them with cotton or silk cloth for its intact look.

3)Sort and store the jewelry as per its nature:

As the title suggests, jewelry can be distinguished from precious to semi-precious to Non-precious i.e. Imitation. All these can’t be kept together as level of care is also different for each type of jewelry. Sort and store the jewelry as per its nature so timely care of all the jewelry becomes easy.

4) Go for different type of cleaning techniques as per the nature of jewelry:

  • Ultrasonic cleaner: Such type of cleaner is readily available in the market and is used on such jewelry products which has lots of cervices and the dirt and grime isn’t removed easily.
  • Usage of polishing cloth: Such type of cloth is extensively used where the jewelry is made of such metals which can tarnish overtime. Metals such as silver and lower carat gold is commonly exposed to such tarnish. For removal of it precious metal polishing cloth can be of great and also have easy availability in the market. Once done, simply rinse the dirt off.
  • Use of chemical dips: there are some chemicals available in the market which cleans the jewelry if u dip your jewelry into it. It is also super easy to fetch from the market, but keep in mind, not all the jewelry can be dipped. Read the instructions before the use for avoiding any sort of damage.
  • Normal rinse: If your jewelry has threads included, Give it a gentle normal rinse. Also, some imitation jewelries can simply be cleaned with warm water rinse.

5) Avoid cleaning the jewelry with harsh hands:

If you clean the jewelry gently and avoid experimenting with harsh chemicals, you’re saving yourself from the damage to a greater extent. Avoid harsh rubbing as well. Delicate handling and cleansing will increase the life of your asset.   

Hope we’re able to collate some good to know info if you want your jewelry have a life till eternity.

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